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Kim, HL,Breslin, JG,Decker, S,Kim, HG
Ieee Transactions On Systems Man And Cybernetics Part A-Systems And Humans
Mining and Representing User Interests: The Case of Tagging Practices
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Concept analysis Semantic Web social tagging tag ontology FORMAL CONCEPT ANALYSIS SOCIAL NETWORKS FAST ALGORITHM OBJECT MODEL
Social tagging in online communities has become an important method for reflecting classified thoughts of individual users. A number of social Web sites provide tagging functionalities and also offer folksonomies within or across the sites. However, it is practically not easy to find users' interests based on such folksonomies. In this paper, we provide a novel approach for clustering user-centric interests by analyzing tagging practices of individual users. To do this, we collect Really Simple Syndication data from blogosphere, find conceptual clusters using formal concept analysis, and then evaluate the significance of these clusters. The results of the empirical evaluation show that we can effectively recommend different collections of tags to an individual or a set of users.
DOI 10.1109/TSMCA.2011.2132709
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