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Millar; M, Coen; L, Bradley; C, Rau; H
Journal Of Family Issues
"Doing the Job as a Parent": Parenting Alone, Work, and Family Policy in Ireland
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family parenting alone female work force unpaid work social policy Ireland MATTERS
Recent studies of family life in Ireland have focused on changes in "traditional" family structures, including the increase in one-parent families. This article illustrates the impact dominant conceptions in Irish society that privilege the family based on marriage have on one-parent family policy. The authors focus on two key areas of social interaction associated with family life-parenthood and (un)paid work-to identify both congruences and tensions between social policy and the needs of one-parent families. The article draws on interview and survey data collected in Galway in 2007 to show how existing welfare policies create some opportunities for those parenting alone while at the same time perpetuating inequalities within the gendered family context and across multiple generations.
DOI 10.1177/0192513X11420957
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy