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Alison Connolly, Kate Jones, Karen Galea, Ioannis Basinas, Laura Kenny, Padraic McGowan & Marie Coggins
10th International Symposium on Biological Monitoring (ISBM-10)
A biomonitoring, dermal and inadvertent ingestion exposure assessment
Naples, Italy
Conference Organising Committee Chairperson
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The use of pesticides and their potential adverse health effects is of public concern, which has become significantly more emphasised with the implementation of the European Union Directive 2009/128/EC on the Sustainable Use of Pesticides. A pilot occupational biomonitoring (BM) study, evaluating glyphosate exposure, employing spot urine sampling, was conducted in 2015 among amenity horticulturists. Study results suggested that there is potential for exposure among this occupational group warranting further investigation (post-task exposure concentrations GM(GSD) 0.66(1.11) μg L-1 glyphosate). Aim of this study: To evaluate total glyphosate exposure among amenity horticulturists using 24 hour (24 hr) BM sampling and the contribution of the different exposure pathways involved using dermal and inadvertent ingestion exposure sampling.
OPW, Colt Foundation, Health and Safety Authority
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Environment, Marine and Energy