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Shahzad, A,Khan, S,Jones, M,Dwyer, RM,O'Halloran, M
Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express
Investigation of the effect of dehydration on tissue dielectric properties in ex vivo measurements
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dielectric spectroscopy electromagnetic interactions biological tissue bioimpedance tissue dehydration ELECTRICAL-PROPERTIES BREAST TISSUES ANIMAL-TISSUES BRAIN-TISSUE LIVER-TISSUE IN-VIVO FREQUENCIES GHZ MHZ
This paper discusses the impact of tissue dehydration on the dielectric properties of excised tissue samples. The effect of dehydration on the tissue surface has been characterized as a function of time after excision on freshly excised mouse liver. The dielectric properties of liver were measured over the frequency range of 500 MHz-20 GHz using an open-ended coaxial probe. Tissue samples were obtained from 7 athymic BALB/c Nude mice, and measurements were performed over the first 3.5 h post-excision at the tissue surface and in the middle of the sample (accessed via a small incision). The samples were kept in sealed containers between measurements to avoid excessive dehydration. The measured dielectric data show a change of more than 25% in both the real and imaginary parts of complex permittivity over 3.5 h after excision. Results indicate the impact of tissue dehydration on the dielectric properties, and signify the importance of considering controls in the experimental design of ex vivo dielectric measurements.
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