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Mandatory Fields
Newman, C.
2011 June
Landscapes of Cult and Kingship
The sacral landscape of Tara: a preliminary exploration
Four Courts Press
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Tara Kingship Landscape Sacral kingship sacrality hierophany cosmography
A preliminary study of the sacralisation of the Tara landscape against the backdrop of the sacral kingship of Tara. It is argued that the sacralisation of the natural landscape occurs through different hierophanic expressions; monument building, place-naming, mythologising, and so on; creating a cosmography appropriate to the regenerative functions of sacral kingship.
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Issuing from a conference of the same name (NUI Galway 2009) co-funded by Millennnium Fund, Department of Archaeology, The Discovery Programme, and the UCD Micheal O Cleirigh Institute, the publication was also grant-aided by the Millennium Fund
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