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Karyn Morrissey, Ilaria Nardello, Natasha Evers, Rebecca Corless, Stephen Hynes and Paul Ryan
An Overview of the Irish Biotechnology Sector and its Position within the Atlantic Area
NUI Galway
SEMRU Report Series
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Innovation is a critical ingredient of national competitiveness, and investment in research and development (R&D) is a key component of innovation. In seeking to support the longevity of firms in high tech industries, much research effort has been directed at understanding the needs and barriers to the growth and development of these firms. One industry regarded as vitally important to most national economies is biotechnology. Utilising data from the Share Biotech project an Atlantic Area cooperation project to promote transnational networks of innovation and entrepreneurship within the biotechnology sector this paper presents a profile of the Irish biotechnology sector within the context of the wider Atlantic area. It was found that within the Atlantic area, Irish biotech firms perform well in terms of exports and patent activity, but less well in network participation. It was also found that Irish biotechnology have higher technical needs then their Atlantic area counterparts.
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EU Interreg Project Sharebiotech
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Environment, Marine and Energy