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Barry, MM; Dempsey, C
Mental Health Association of Ireland National Public Speaking Project Evaluation.
Centre for Health Promotion Studies, National University of Ireland, Galway
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INTRODUCTION This project is concerned with an in-depth evaluation of the Mental Health Association of Irelandís (MHAI) National Public Speaking Project for post-primary schools and colleges. The aims of the project are described by the MHAI as being:  To promote an awareness among young people of the concept of positive mental health  To promote an awareness of the causes and effects of mental illness  To promote positive attitudes to mental health and ill-health Some 200 teams from post-primary schools throughout Ireland participate in the project each year. The project is now in its twentieth year and is recognised as the cornerstone of the MHAIís education programme. As a result the organisation requested that the impact of the project be evaluated in 2001.
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