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Mahony, P; Millar, M; Barry, MM
International Literature and Policy Review on the Links between Poverty and health, and of Community Development Approaches to Tackling Health Inequalities.
Centre for Health Promotion Studies, National University of Ireland, Galway
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Introduction This research which was commissioned by the Combat Poverty Agency is concerned with undertaking a comprehensive review of the international research, practice and policy literature on the links between poverty and health and on the role of community development approaches in addressing health inequalities. The research aims of the project include the following:  To undertake a review of current international literature concerning the relationship between poverty and ill health including the mediators between poverty, community and health.  To undertake an analysis of existing policy initiatives concerning the promotion of community development approaches in addressing health inequalities.  To document approaches to implementing community development in the health area including the processes of consultation, collaboration, participation and control of community initiatives.  To undertake case study investigation of selected community health development initiatives in order to identify characteristics of successful initiatives and examples of good practice.  To critically examine available research on the impact and effectiveness of community development approaches in reducing health inequalities both in terms of processes and outcomes.  To make recommendations, based on pertinent policy, research and practice findings, for future strategic development of community development policies and practices in the health inequalities area.
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