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McKenna, V; Barry, MM; Friel, S
Review of the National Health Promotion Strategy 2004.
Department of Health and Children
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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report presents the results of an interim review of the National Health Promotion Strategy 2000-2005 (NHPS).1 This review was commissioned by the Health Promotion Unit (HPU) of the Department of Health and Children and the work was carried out in conjunction with the Centre for Health Promotion Studies at NUI, Galway. The review aims to: determine the progress to date in implementing the aims and objectives as set out in the National Health Promotion Strategy (2000-2005)1 identify areas where progress has yet to be made and make recommendations for further action. This review is based on a large volume of information and data collected from key national and regional health promotion personnel and non-statutory agencies over the period from November 2003 to May 2004. The breadth and quantity of information received is much greater than can be fully represented in this review. Likewise, an evaluation of the quality of the activities reported is beyond the remit of this review process. Based on the data received and the documentation reviewed, this report provides: 1) an overview of health promotion activities and developments at national and regional level; 2) progress to date in meeting the key objectives outlined in the NHPS and 3) recommendations for action.
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