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Downey, C.
12th International Congress of Celtic Studies
Rígad Néill Noígiallaig ós Clainn Echach – a neglected source of Uí Néill propaganda?
University of Wales, Aberystwyth
Chaired Session
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This previously unconsulted Middle Irish text represents another witness to the familiar association of Niall Noígiallach with the goddess of sovereignty and deserves a place in the suite of texts dealing with this tradition, comprising Echtra mac nEchdach Mugmedóin and the poem Temair Breg, baile na fian.  Linguistic analysis would suggest that it was composed no later than either of these sources and textual analysis reveals no categorical evidence of interdependence between Rígad and either of the other related accounts.  Many interesting points both of thematic convergence and divergence between Rígad and the other texts arise from comparative examination.  As such, Rígad makes a valuable contribution to an assessment of the veracity of the much-loved association between Niall and the ‘loathly lady’, as well as to the understanding of the role of Tara in the ideology of power and kingship in medieval Ireland.
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