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Ward, M; McGee, H; Morgan, K; Van Lente, E; Layte, R; Barry, MM; Watson, D; Shelley, E; Perry, I
SLÁN 2007: Survey of Lifestyle, Attitudes and Nutrition in Ireland. ‘One Island – One Lifestyle?’ Health and lifestyles in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland: Comparing the population surveys SLÁN 2007 and NIHSWS 2005
Department of Health and Children. Dublin: The Stationery Office
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Health, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Ireland
The information provided here gives a sense of the value of comparing population studies between the Republic and Northern Ireland, albeit incomplete comparisons in this case since the studies were conducted independently. We share enough that is both common and unique in our attitudes, health profiles and health systems to enable fruitful comparisons for both sides. Future opportunities for comparison should be more explicitly incorporated into the planning stages of such studies. We hope that this report will provide a catalyst for joint survey planning, such that information forthcoming can inform and benefit policy and practice in the pursuit of good health and well-being in the coming years in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
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