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Barry, MM; Canavan, R; Clarke, A; Dempsey, C; O’Sullivan, M
Review of Evidence-based Mental Health Promotion and Primary/Secondary Prevention.
Health Promotion Research Centre, NUI, Galway.
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This review paper, which was commissioned by the Department of Health in London, analyses the current evidence on the effectiveness of mental health promotion and primary/secondary prevention interventions. The paper provides a synthesis of the international evidence from reviews of reviews, systematic reviews, meta-analyses and selected individual studies on the effectiveness of interventions to promote mental health and prevent the onset of mental health problems and disorders. The review does not cover primary data from individual intervention studies and a systematic search of the grey literature on good practice has not been conducted. However, this paper builds on previous work undertaken in this area, in particular, the reviews by Jané-Llopis, Barry, Hosman and Patel (2005), Hermann et al. (2005) and Barry and Jenkins (2007).
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