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Canavan, R; Barry, MM
PROMO Project Feedback from Ireland: Full report.
NUI Galway
Health Promotion Research Centre, NUI Galway
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The focus of the PROMO project (Best Practice in Promoting Mental Health in Socially Marginalised People in Europe) is on the delivery of health and social care for people with mental health problems who belong to one of the six following groups: (1) long-term unemployed; (2) homeless; (3) prostitutes/sex workers; (4) refugees and asylum seekers; (5) illegal immigrants/undocumented workers; (6) travellers. The PROMO group consists of a multidisciplinary consortium of experts from 14 diverse EU member states (covering more than 85% of the total EU population) to consolidate knowledge in the field, and identify best practice. The project reviews legislation and policies, and focussing on major cities - assesses systems of health and social services for the people concerned. The project, which is funded by the European Commission, is coordinated by Professor Stefan Priebe, Queen Mary 4 University of London. The Health Promotion Research Centre at the National University of Ireland Galway is the participating partner for the Irish section of the study. The overall aim of the project is to define guidelines for best practice in promoting mental health amongst socially marginalised people, to highlight barriers for the implementation of the guidelines and suggest solutions, and to disseminate the findings widely among the relevant stakeholder groups in Europe.
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