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Paolo Bartoloni
Italian tradition and authenticity as a national and global phenomenon
The legacy of Italian renaissance at global level
Prato, Italy
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At a recent event promoting the week of the Italian language in the world, the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi emphasized the need of disseminating the originality and uniqueness of Italy globally and beyond the literary canon. Renziís argument and invitation speak of the desire to look for and stimulate forms of international exchange and interaction at the centre of which is the belief in the preeminence of Italian craft and taste. But is not this already happening through the replication and citations of Italian cultural icons across the world, be it entire city (Venice), individual work of art (Michelangeloís David), or urban concepts (the Italian square)? This paper reorients the angle of investigation by looking at the way in which the iconic past is revisited and recalibrated within Italy as a way of instantiating new modalities of consumption and appreciation both nationally and internationally.
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