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C Keigher, G Avalos, Dunne F
British Journal Diabetes And Vascular Disease
Treating to target in type 2 diabetes
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Abstract Patients with type 2 diabetes have a three-fold increased risk of developing vascular disease with death in 75% due to a vascular complication. Large prospective studies have demonstrated the benefits of treating patients with type 2 diabetes to strict targets regarding blood pressure (BP), lipids and glucose. Using both American Diabetes Association and Joint British Societies/Guidelines we assessed the effectiveness of this `treat-to-target' policy in diabetic patients attending secondary care. Of 321 patient notes analysed 54—87% were within target for total cholesterol, 80—84% for LDL cholesterol, 77% for HDL cholesterol, 51% for triglycerides, 44—61% for systolic BP, 62% for diastolic BP and 30—44% for HbA1C. In the secondary care setting we are performing well for lipids, less well for BP and poorly for HbA1C.
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