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Proceedings of the Irish Academy of Management
Project Management in Information Systems Development
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Galway, Ireland, September 2-4
Although there is a growing body of literature concerned with the adoption of agile software development within a large organization, there is still very little in terms of empirical research of practice. This research uses principles from the Beyond Budgeting model to investigate the budgeting practices of large organizations using an agile method. Budgeting is taken in this context to mean the performance management process that executes the organizations financial plan (Hope and Fraser 2003). Using this model, the research will seek to establish a framework for ┬┐agile project budgeting┬┐ which can be used as a tool to help with the alignment of the Finance and IT functions of a large organization. The main research questions identified thus far are; How are Beyond Budgeting principles used in agile software development? What are the advantages and disadvantages with combining the Beyond Budgeting principles with agile software development? How might organizations optimize their budget process to facilitate agile development? Using case study research methods including open-ended interviews the researcher will conduct two in depth case studies to develop the agile project budgeting framework.
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