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Wallace, E; Buil, I; de Chernatony, L
Journal of Brand Management
Facebook Friendship and Brand Advocacy
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Brand Facebook Advocacy Social Network Word of Mouth Self-expressive brands Homophily Social Ties
This study tests hypotheses integrating relational aspects of social networks, self-expressive brands, and consumers’ brand advocacy.  We explore the relationship between homophily and social ties, and the extent to which strong ties are associated with Facebook users’ incorporation of self-expressive brands in their personal profiles by ‘liking’ them. We also examine the relationship between self-expressive brands ‘liked’ on Facebook, and consumers’ brand advocacy in online and offline settings.  A survey of 265 Facebook users reveals stronger social ties influence consumers to ‘like’ brands that express their inner and social selves.  Self-expressive brands reflecting one’s inner or social self encourage consumers to offer positive WOM on social networks.  Further, self-expressive brands ‘liked’ on Facebook positively influence consumers’ brand acceptance, and their willingness to forgive ‘liked’ brands for wrongdoing.  Managerial implications along with implications for theory development are explored.
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Research Development Initiative, Strand 2 (Ref: RCS 258)
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