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Sharkey, U., Scott, M. and Acton, T
International Journal Of E-Business Research
The Influence of Quality on E-Commerce Success - An Empirical Application of the DeLone and McLean IS Success Model
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D&M model ecommerce success metrics personalisation quality intention to use information quality system quality experiment
This research addresses difficulties in measuring e-commerce success by implementing the DeLone and McLean (D&M) model of IS success (1992, 2003) in an e-commerce environment. This research considers the influence of quality on e-commerce success by measuring the information quality and system quality attributes of an e-commerce system and the intention to use, user satisfaction and intention to transact from a sample of respondents. This research provides an empirical e-commerce application of the updated IS success model proposed by DeLone and McLean (2003). This paper found significant relationships between Information Quality and System Quality and three success dimensions: intention to use, user satisfaction and intention to transact. It found the following constructs to be most important in predicting success: ease of understanding, personalization and reliability. In particular, that reliability is more important than usability where transactions are concerned and security though important, is not the most important factor.
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