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Fives, A., Kennan, D., Canavan, J., Brady, B. and Cairns, D.
If I can make their life a little easier, then I'm happy: Study of Young Carers in the Irish Population
The Office of the Minister for Children and Youth Affaris
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Young Carers
This is the first nationwide qualitative study on young carers in the Irish population. The aim of the research was to examine mechanisms through which young carers (aged 5-17 years) in the Irish population can be identified, to investigate the impact of caring on their lives and to make recommendations for ways in which they can be assisted. The study undertook empirical work with 26 young carers and 30 agency staff working with children and families. The study findings indicate that young carers are a hard-to-reach, invisible group that can be difficult to identify. There is a wide spectrum of caring and both positive negative and impacts on the lives of young carers in Ireland were identified. The study found that increased awareness must be raised about young carers and identified a range of supports required.
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