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Paolo Bartoloni
The Novel and its Wonders: An Evening with Italian author Andrea De Carlo
Discussion of creative writing and analysis of the novel The Imperfect Marvel with Italian author Andrea De Carlo
The Black gate Cultural Centre
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The Novel and its Wonders: An Evening with Andrea De Carlo’ will be introduced by James C. Harrold, City Arts Officer, Galway City Council, and will be followed by a conversation between the Head of Italian, Prof. Paolo Bartoloni, and Andrea De Carlo. The conversation will focus on the theory and practice of creative writing by looking at De Carlo’s latest novel The Imperfect Marvel (L’imperfetta meraviglia, 2016). The novel tells the story of the encounter between the Irish singer of a fictional rock band, Nick Cruickshank, and an Italian ice-cream maker, Milena Migliari. Nick and Milena seem to live perfect and fulfilled lives, both emotionally and professionally, yet gradually a sense of unease and longing creeps in, bringing them to question what they thought of as given certainties. Together, they come to discover that perfection is only temporary and impermanent.
In collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture, Dublin
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