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McHugh, P,Domegan, C
Journal of Social Marketing
Evaluate development! Develop evaluation! Answering the call for a reflexive turn in social marketing
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Evaluation Knowledge Networking Relationships Reflexivity Reflexive process evaluations KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER IMPACT ASSESSMENT CO-CREATION EXCHANGE NETWORKS MODEL
Purpose - For social marketers to become effective change agents, evaluation is important. This paper aims to expand existing evaluation work to empirically respond to Gordon and Gurrieri's request for a reflexive turn in social marketing using reflexive process evaluations: measuring more than "what" worked well, but also evaluating "how" and "why" success or indeed failure happened.Design/methodology/approach - An online survey, adapting Dillman's tailored design method empirically assesses 13 reflexive process hypotheses. With a response rate of 74 per cent, regression analysis was conducted to evaluate the proposed hypotheses and to identify the significant predictors of each of the reflexive process relationships under investigation.Findings - The study empirically examines and shows support for three reflexive process evaluation constructs - relationships, knowledge and networking. Network involvement and reciprocity; two process dimension constructs do not exert any impact or predict any relationship in the conceptual framework.Originality/value - This paper expands evaluation theory and practice by offering a conceptual framework for reflexive process evaluation that supports the logic to be reflexive. It shows support for three reflective process evaluation constructs - relationships, knowledge and networks. Another unique element featured in this study is the empirical assessment of Gordon and Gurrieri's "other stakeholders", extending evaluations beyond a traditional client focus to an interconnected assessment of researchers, clients and other stakeholders.
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