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Finnegan, W., Clifford, E., Dobson, A., Fitzhenry, K., Goggins, J., Miao, S., Rowan, N., Tarpey, E., Xiao, L., Zhang, H., Zhan, X.
5th NUI Galway – University of Limerick Alliance Postgraduate Research Day
DairyWater: Sustainability and resource efficiency for the Irish dairy processing industry.
NUI Galway, Ireland
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The abolishment of milk quotas in 2015 is expected to result in a 50% increase in milk production in Ireland by 2020. This increase in the volume of milk being processed, along with stringent measures on emissions from the industry and growing commercial drive for operational efficiencies, is driving the need for innovative technological and operational solutions within the dairy processing industry. In this context DairyWater, a new multi-stakeholder research project, is developing innovative solutions for the efficient management of water consumption, wastewater treatment and the resulting energy use within the country’s dairy processing industry. This project has the potential to position Ireland at the forefront of European, or indeed international, research in this sector as it strives to make the Irish dairy processing industry more efficient and environmentally sustainable by reducing carbon footprints, energy and water use. This will, in turn, lead to greater potential for exports, increased international competitiveness for Irish products and stimulate job creation. The primary goal of the study is to efficiently and effectively treat wastewater effluent from dairy processing plants using a range of innovative biological, nanometerial-based and disinfection technologies. In parallel, the efficient use of water (and resulting energy costs) within the plants is also being explored.
Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine for the DairyWater project (Ref.: 13‐F‐507)
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Environment, Marine and Energy