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Phelan, T., Horrigan, M., Delauré, Y., Corcoran, B., Fitzsimons, L., McNamara, G., Clifford, E.
1st South East European Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems
Opportunities for process control optimisation in Irish municipal wastewater treatment plants
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Wastewater, water treatment, process control, environmental monitoring, energy monitoring, resource efficiency, instrumentation, control and automation.
Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia
As societies ever increasing reliance on electrical energy continues, the role of process optimisation becomes more and more prevalent. This paper presents an energy audit of a typical Irish wastewater treatment plant (P.E. 30,000 ) and attempts to investigate measures to increase the energy efficiencies within treatment plants across Ireland. Based on an in depth review of international energy efficient wastewater treatment plants, energy savings opportunities exist via the use of variable frequency drives to control pumps and blowers; the introduction of inter-basin dissolved oxygen control systems to provide the varying, relevant oxygen requirements to the aeration basin; and effective plant management using appropriate control strategies via accurate sensor feedback and real-time, online monitoring.
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Environment, Marine and Energy