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O'Neill, C,McPolin, D,Taylor, SE,Harte, AM,O'Ceallaigh, C,Sikora, KS
Construction and Building Materials
Timber moment connections using glued-in basalt FRP rods
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Timber Glued-in rods Bonded-in rods Basalt fibre reinforced polymer BFRP Composites Portal frames
Glued-in rods offer an altetnative method for creating structural timber connections however despite decades of research they have had limited implementation. The behaviour of glued-in rod connections in a framed structure was investigated. Nine partial frames were constructed of box sections connected with 12 mm diameter BFRP rods. A theoretical design approach was developed based on the optimum observed behaviour, where failure was located in the connection. For specimens with two embedded rods the theory predicted strength within 16% error of the experimental results. For specimens with two rods but gave an over-prediction of strength where three rods were used. Crown Copyright (C) 2017 Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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