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Mahon, M., Collins, P., Farrell, M., McDonagh, J.
Regional Studies Association Annual Conference
Paper Title: Local experiences of spatial planning; a spatial justice interpretation.
Trinity College, Dublin
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Paper Title: Local experiences of spatial planning; a spatial justice interpretation. Abstract: Preparations are underway for a new Irish National Planning Framework (NPF, 2017-2040) to replace the failed National Spatial Strategy (NSS) 2002-2020. Emphasis is being placed now on interconnecting spatial planning and sectoral policies, on processes of decision-making that are hierarchical but attuned to the place-specific nature of regional- and local-level development prospects and capacities required to achieve same, and on mobilising communities as the nucleus of place. In the most recent (February 2017) NPF draft document, no explicit reference is made to spatial justice as a desired dimension of spatial planning. There is, however, considerable discussion on the significance of links between spatial planning and outcomes for health, wellbeing and place-making. In light of this new NPF emphasis on achieving potential as opposed to simply growth, this paper uses an example of a settlement in the hinterland of Galway City and draws on contemporary thinking on spatial justice to reflect on how the local population has experienced the outcomes of spatial planning decisions over the last two decades in terms of everyday lived experiences in that place, particularly following the 2008 economic crisis. It also reflects on the scope to engage in future spatial planning at this local level in ways that are politically and socially enabling; based on enhancing local capabilities rather than on distributive and compensatory forms of governance and development intervention.
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