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Dominguez-Alonso, P,Aracil, E,Porres, JA,Andrews, P,Lynch, EP,Murray, J,FernandezJalvo, Y,King, T,Yepiskoposyan, L,Andrews, P
Azokh Cave And The Transcaucasian Corridor
Geology and Geomorphology of Azokh Caves
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Lesser Caucasus Limestone Karstic Electrical resistivity Epigenic Hypogenic SOUTH CASPIAN BASIN RESISTIVITY CAUCASUS SUBSIDENCE TECTONICS UPLIFT
Azokh Cave is located in the Lesser Caucasus and is hosted in Mesozoic limestone. It comprises a series of karstic cavities, chambers and passageways that interconnect to forma larger cave network, the trend of which appears to have been influenced by fracture patterns in the bedrock. The geomorphology of the currently accessible areas of the cave is presented, with many of its speleological features described in detail for the first time. Electrical resistivity tomography is used to examine variation in thickness of sediments infilling the inner chambers of the cave. This information, coupled with data relating to the surface topography of the cave infill, sheds light on patterns of sediment deposition within the cave system. It remains unclear whether the cave formed from epigenic or hypogenic speleological processes (or a combination of the two). This question is further hampered by the presence of a large bat population in the interior of the cave, the guano deposits of which have modified the inner galleries.
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