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Flannery, B,Finckh, O,Berresheim, H,Monaghan, RFD
International Journal Of Refrigeration-Revue Internationale Du Froid
Hybrid Stirling engine-adsorption chiller for truck auxiliary power unit applications
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Adsorption cooling Zeolite-water Stirling engine Truck auxiliary power unit EXHAUST EMISSIONS WASTE HEAT PERFORMANCE VEHICLES DESIGN WATER
This paper presents preliminary experimental test results for a novel truck auxiliary power unit (APU) design consisting of a 1 kW(e) free-piston Stirling engine and 2 kW(t) zeolite-water adsorption chiller that is powered via waste heat from the engine's cooling jacket. A prototype system was built and tested to study the interaction dynamics between the Stirling engine and adsorption chiller and to determine the performance of the chiller in extreme ambient temperature conditions. The results show that pulsed thermal loading from the chiller on the engine results in engine power spikes to 110-115% of rated power. An average COP of 0.42 +/- 0.06 was achieved for the adsorption chiller. An investigation into mitigating the negative effects of low buffering was also conducted and estimates that a buffer volume of 50 litres is sufficient to minimise the effects. This volume can potentially be achieved through integration with the main truck engine eliminating the need for a supplementary tank. The proposed system has many benefits over existing technologies such as low noise, high reliability and clean emissions without any need for additional exhaust treatment. (C) 2017 Elsevier Ltd and IIR. All rights reserved.
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