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Brown, JAL,Bourke, E,Rani, S
2017 August
MicroRNA profiling
Practical Bioinformatics Analysis of MiRNA Data Using Online Tools
Springer Nature
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microRNA miRNA Bioinformatics miRBase DAVID miRandola PicTar DIANA microT-CDS WEB SERVER MICRORNA MIRBASE
The purpose of this chapter is to provide a starting point for the analysis of miRNA array data, using freely available online suites of tools. This chapter does not describe how to perform analysis of primary array data, rather how to use the top differentially regulated miRNA (returned from comparing one miRNA group to another) as the starting point for further practical analysis.Here we describe the methods and tools required to identify targets worthy of additional investigation, using the identified miRNA as a starting point. Importantly, this additional information (pathways targeted, gene expression, mRNA targets, miRNA families) can be used to positively inform any project.
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Biomedical Science and Engineering