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Khoo S.
Policy And Practice: A Development Education Review
Review of Amy Skinner, Matt Baillie Smith, Eleanor Brown and Tobias Troll (eds.) (2016) Education, Learning and the Transformation of Development
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education; learning; transformation; development education; alternative development; nonformal learning; social movements
The topics that this book tries to bring together: education, learning, development and the possibilities for transformative change are all inherently expansive, but are at the heart of this journalís aims and scope. The typical response to the expansiveness and complexity of this intersecting subject matter is to pin down and narrow definitions, and to choose to focus on specific practice settings. This book genuinely attempts to break the mould by treating education in a broader way, linking it to general societal processes of learning and transformation. Interested in how learning processes can facilitate alternative visions and practices of development, the contributions bypass existing mainstream schooling, to seriously consider the transformative potential of alternative educational approaches, models and practices of learning from citizen engagement and political struggles for voice and justice.
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Environment, Marine and Energy, Humanities in Context