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Laura McLoughlin & Francesca Magnoni
30 Years of Erasmus in Ireland: Study Abroad in Research and Practice
The Moveme project: language MOOCs for academic purposes.
University College Cork
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The paper will present the Move-Me project, financed by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme. The project aims to support Erasmus and international university students who undertake mobility programmes in Europe. Usually university students going abroad face the challenge of academic discourse. Many students have already acquired a B1-B2 level before their year abroad but this is often confined to standard vocabulary, syntax and discourse, which can hamper their ability to interact fully in academic contexts and discourse; this might ultimately undermine the long-term goal of training highly qualified workers and researchers able to function at inter-European level. Move-me therefore proposes the creation of resources aimed at reflection on and acquisition of academic language in various disciplines, and the delivery of two MOOCs, for Academic Italian and Academic English, which focus on the development of learning to learn skills. This presentation will outline the methodological framework for the development of our MOOCs, with a particular focus on pedagogical and structural choices and the inclusion of metacognitive activities aimed at triggering and enhancing participantsí awareness of their learning process specifically related to the academic discourse and suggest further developments.
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Humanities in Context