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Forde, C; Duvvury, N
Psychology Of Men And Masculinity
Sexual violence, masculinity, and the journey of recovery
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Sexual violence has been recognized as one of the most frequent forms of lived trauma worldwide (World Health Organization, 2013). Given their predominance as survivors, women have been the almost exclusive focus of research and support in this area to date. However, the growing number of studies exploring the sexual abuse, sexual assault and rape of boys and men has broadened the discourse around sexual violence and gender identity. Although the profound consequences are common to survivors regardless of gender, it is evident that particular aspects are connected to the manner in which the trauma is processed and expressed. There is a dearth of evidence on the experiences of men who seek professional help, such as counseling, nonetheless. Given the increasing number of male survivors accessing Irish Rape Crisis Centres (RCCs; Rape Crisis Network Ireland, 2015), the need for counselors to have knowledge of gender relevant interventions is of vital importance. In this article, we explore how norms of masculinity influence the recovery process in the context of RCC counseling in the Republic of Ireland. The findings enhance our understanding of the gendered nature of healing and have important implications for practice.
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