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Doherty, V. and Cormican, K.
International Conference on Project MANagement (ProjMAN)
Analysis of knowledge transfer practices: Insights from a medical device manufacturing organization
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This paper reports on an empirical analysis of knowledge transfer practices in a large multinational organization operating in the medical technology sector in Ireland. The goal of the research is to ascertain the extent and nature of knowledge sharing that takes place within this organization. To do this, the relevant literature was synthesized and affinitized and a conceptual model was developed relevant to the study was developed. Key factors related to effective knowledge transfer in practice were then isolated. A survey was then created which contained 25 items and a 5 point Likert scale to measure the level of agreement with each of the items. Data was then collected from 111 operators in a production unit. The findings presented herewith expand the discussion on knowledge sharing and discusses knowledge transfer practices in a real world context specific setting. The analysis reveals that respondents believe that effective communication has the strongest influence on the organization’s overall performance, followed by trust, then motivation, then leadership. Rewards were found to be least important factor but still important in the overall context of knowledge sharing. A greater understanding of knowledge sharing practices provides the critical information needed to guide the development of tailored support structures in order to equip employees with the skills and competences needed to become more effective in practice.
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