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Healy, Connie
2017 September
Rewriting Children's Rights Judgments: From Academic Vision to New Practice
Commentary on CD v ST
In Press
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Children's Rights
This important edited collection is the culmination of research undertaken by The Children’s Rights Judgments Project an initiative which involves academic experts revisiting an existing case law, drawn from a range of legal sub-disciplines and jurisdictions, and redrafting the judgment from a children’s rights perspective. The rewritten judgments shed light on the conceptual and practical challenges of securing children’s rights within judicial decision-making and explore how developments in theory and practice can inform and (re-)invigorate the legal protection of children’s rights. Each judgment is accompanied by a commentary explaining the historical and legal context of the original case and the rationale underpinning the revised judgment including the particular children’s rights perspective adopted; the extent to which it addresses the children’s rights deficiencies evident in the original judgment; and the potential impact the alternative version might have had on law, policy or practice. Presented thematically, with contributions from leading scholars in the field, this innovative collection offers a truly new and unique perspective on children’s rights.
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