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Dempsey, M.
10th Symposium on Higher Education
Serious Play Workshop - Academic process flow
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Serious Play
NUI Galway
Serious Play activities in NUI Galway are part of a research collaboration with the University of Technology, Chemnitz, Germany. As the official LEGO SERIOUS PLAY web site states: 'Serious Plan is an innovative, experiential process designed to enhance innovation and business performance. Based on research that shows that this kind of hands-on, minds-on learning produces a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the world and its possibilities' During this workshop participants will use SERIOUS PLAY 3D modelling techniques to build 3D metaphorical representations of defined tasks within a stated timeframe. Participants will be invited to articulate their ideas to the wider group while fielding questions and answers. The next challenge will be to create a group representation of a shared model, to reflect the key values and priorities of the group
NUI Galway
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Biomedical Science and Engineering, Environment, Marine and Energy, Humanities in Context, Informatics, Physical and Computational Sciences