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Li, DF,Barrett, RA,O'Donoghue, PE,O'Dowd, NP,Leen, SB
Journal Of The Mechanics And Physics Of Solids
A multi-scale crystal plasticity model for cyclic plasticity and low-cycle fatigue in a precipitate-strengthened steel at elevated temperature
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Tempered martensite ferritic steels Strain gradient-based crystal plasticity Cyclic softening fatigue Finite element Crack initiation CRACK NUCLEATION STRESS TRIAXIALITY MARTENSITIC STEEL LENGTH-SCALE DEFORMATION SLIP EVOLUTION BEHAVIOR GRAIN LIFE
In this paper, a multi-scale crystal plasticity model is presented for cyclic plasticity and low-cycle fatigue in a tempered martensite ferritic steel at elevated temperature. The model explicitly represents the geometry of grains, sub-grains and precipitates in the material, with strain gradient effects and kinematic hardening included in the crystal plasticity formulation. With the multiscale model, the cyclic behaviour at the sub-grain level is predicted with the effect of lath and precipitate sizes examined. A crystallographic, accumulated slip (strain) parameter, modulated by triaxiality, is implemented at the micro scale, to predict crack initiation in precipitate-strengthened laths. The predicted numbers of cycles to crack initiation agree well with experimental data. A strong dependence on the precipitate size is demonstrated, indicating a detrimental effect of coarsening of precipitates on fatigue at elevated temperature. (C) 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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