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Khoo S.
Time Bombs Malaysian Medics International Ireland
Time Bombs: the crisis of health solidarity
Trinity College Dublin
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This short address begins by reflecting on the current crisis of forced displacement. According to the UNHCR, over 65 million people were displaced in 2015, the largest number in UNHCR’s history. More people are being displaced by war and persecution, many are dying at sea and on land, and people fleeing have to contend with closed borders and rising levels of xenophobia and hate crimes. The scale of humanitarian need is huge, but the willingness of nations to work together, not only to meet immediate humanitarian needs, but to further collective human interest is being severely tested today. Refugees are often thought of as humans who have no rights, in the absence of authorities that are willing and able to enforce their rights and not violate them. This address • Brings forward the idea that there is a ‘Time Bomb’ of public health solidarity - with potentially explosive needs, costs and inequalities. Divisive popular politics that focuses on/blames ‘unwanted others’ (immigrants, minorities, non-citizens, the undeserving) detracts and deepens this time bomb • Argues that health solidarity is the most important fundamental idea facing the future of public health. Many of the dilemmas of health and medical professionals practice now and in the immediate future centre around this question. • Points to existing and new approaches in future public health and global health governance that address the need to extend and deepen health solidarities This ‘defuses’ the time bomb and better aligns the future public health with the Sustainable Development Goals, the Right to Health and sustainable health governance.
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