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McLoughlin, L. and F. Magnoni
First International Conference MOOCs, Language Learning and Mobility
The MOVE-ME project. Reflecting on cMOOC and xMOOC Structure and Pedagogical Implementation
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language MOOC, MOOCs, MOVE-ME
Kan Qian and Stephen Bax
This paper discusses the rationale and structure of two Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) created as part of the EU-funded Move-Me project, which aims to develop two MOOCs and open educational resources for university learners participating in mobility programmes in Europe. The MOOCs are designed to help learners develop the skills necessary to understand, critique and deploy academic discourse in selected disciplines. The article will first briefly present the Move-Me project, its objectives, and outcomes. It will then explain the methodological framework of reference for the two MOOCs, reflect on x, c, and hybrid MOOC structures and discuss how metacognitive skills and strategies are employed to achieve the stated learning objectives.
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