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Moloney, BM,McCarthy, CE,Byrne, D,McVeigh, TP,Kerin, MJ,McCarthy, PA
Academic Radiology
Teaching Radiology to Medical Students - There Is, a Need for Change to Better Prepare Students for Clinical Practice
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Medical students Appropriateness Criteria radiology curriculum preparedness for practice ACR APPROPRIATENESS CRITERIA PROGRAM-DIRECTORS AMERICAN-COLLEGE CURRICULUM AWARENESS EDUCATION FIELD
Rationale and Objectives: Deriving maximum benefit from radiology rotations in medical schools is challenging. Lack of education on appropriate imaging renders students feeling unprepared. This study compares the ability of undergraduate medical students to identify appropriate radiological investigations, both at the beginning and end of their final year of education, to those of residents in their first year of clinical practice.Materials and Methods: Twelve scenarios were extracted from the American College of Radiology's Appropriateness Criteria (ACRAC) and a questionnaire was generated. One topic was selected from each of the 10 sections in the diagnostic section and two from the interventional section. The questionnaire was distributed to three groups. Group A was composed of medical students at the beginning of final year. Group B was composed of medical students at the end of final year. Group C was composed of residents at the end of their first year of clinical practice. Radiology residents were surveyed to assess familiarity with the ACR-AC among trainees in Ireland.Results: The total cohort included 160 participants. Group C (n = 35) performed significantly better than group A (n = 72) and group B (n = 53). There was no statistical difference in the mean scores achieved by group A and group B. Sixteen (73%) of 22 radiology trainees were familiar with the ACR-AC.Conclusions: A minimal improvement in the knowledge of medical students in requesting radiological investigations over the course of the final medical year, yet a significant impact of a relatively short period of "on-the-job" learning in the clinical setting, was indicated. Emphasis on education on appropriateness may offer an improvement in the utilization of radiology services and improve patient care.
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