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Gouda, P,Kitt, K,Evans, DS,Goggin, D,McGrath, D,Last, J,Hennessy, M,Arnett, R,O'Flynn, S,Dunne, F,O'Donovan, D
Irish Journal Of Medical Science
Push and stay factors affecting Irish medical student migration intentions
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Medical student Emigration Qualitative evaluation Medical education UK DOCTORS
Background A significant proportion of medical students in Ireland have demonstrated strong intentions to migrate following their graduation. Factors influencing these intentions are poorly understood. Our study aimed to investigate 'push' and 'stay' factors that may influence the migration plans of medical students.Methods Cross-sectional survey of 2273 medical students in Ireland using a mixed methods approach. Survey was completed by 2273 medical students, of which 263 provided free text data that are analysed in this paper.Results Identified push factors include negative perception regarding career opportunities, working conditions and lifestyle, while family was the only identified strong stay factor. Qualitative analysis of free text responses revealed themes that included training, career, personal and financial factors.Conclusion This study has provided insight into the factors that influence medical student migration intentions. There is a strong need for all stakeholders to collectively discuss and engage in possible solutions.
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