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Escaler, X,De la Torre, O,Goggins, J
Journal Of Fluids And Structures
Experimental and numerical analysis of directional added mass effects in partially liquid-filled horizontal pipes
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Fluid structure interaction Liquid-filled pipe Experimental modal analysis FEM acoustic analysis Added mass coefficient FREE-VIBRATION TRANSVERSE VIBRATION
The change of pipe natural frequencies due to added mass effects has been investigated in two cylindrical horizontal pipes from empty to completely water filled cases with various intermediate partially-filled conditions. The added mass coefficients of the three first vertical and horizontal modes of vibration have been determined with both experimental modal analysis and finite element analysis (FEA) acoustic-structural numerical simulations, which showed good agreement. The vertical and horizontal added mass coefficients present different behaviors as a function of the water level. Moreover, the pipe cross sectional dimensions determine the magnitude of these effects. For generalization to any pipe size, dependency of the directional added mass coefficients with new vertical and horizontal added mass estimators has been found. These estimators can be used in practical situations with horizontally mounted cylindrical pipes as a reference to predict and quantify air content.
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