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Catherine Anne Field
Irish Network of Medical Educators INMED
Undergraduate Medical Professionalism: from classroom to clinic
Royal College of Surgeons Ireland
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Title: Undergraduate Medical Professionalism: from classroom to clinic Authors: Catherine Anne Field, Louise Campbell, Kieran Kennedy, Geraldine McDarby, Thomas Kropmans Rationale: The teaching of professionalism has become a central component of undergraduate medical education and is endorsed by the Irish Medical Council. At the National University of Ireland Galway it is primarily taught in the pre-clinical years with input across a number of disciplines. The aim of this pilot project was to integrate the teaching and assessment of medical professionalism in to the clinical Years to equip students with a reflective appraisal and appreciation of professional issues in practice. Methods: Students in their first full clinical placement (3:2) were asked to keep a reflective journal of cases that they had witnessed in clinical practice. The logs were submitted by students and assessed at a professionalism station at the 3MB OSCE. Findings: All journals were successfully submitted and assessed. They explored the cases which were both positive and negative, within the eight domains of professionalism as outlined by the medical council. Students also provided a personal reflection on how the case had affected them and what they had learnt. Assessment of the OSCE station showed moderate reliability across stations and examiners. Discussion/Conclusions: The integration of medical professionalism from pre-clinical to clinical years is feasible and provides a rich opportunity for students to observe clinical practice in a critical and reflective manner. The journals produced a vast array of clinical cases which could be further analysed and would be potentially useful for teaching purposes.
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