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Khoo S.
School of Political Science and Sociology research Publication Seminar
Moving from Inter-disciplinary Research to Transdisciplinary Educational Ethics Bridging Epistemological Differences In Higher Education Internationalization(s)
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This paper gives an overview of a paper submitted for consideration to the EERJ. It provides background to EIHE project on critical HE internationalization(s). Internationalization is treated as a figure for ‘troubled’ nature of higher education. The EIHE project answers identified needs for theory and innovation by troubling research methodology. In troubling research imaginaries and challenging disruptive innovation, methodology can be a place for ethical and educational intent. Adapting 'weird' realist philosophy to education, the paper maps inter to transdisciplinary ways of negotiating theory and practice, using performative and heuristic theorizing and postcolonial ethics. The paper closes with ethical questions of presenting and publishing on ethical challenges of inclusivity and challenging Eurocentrism within specifically Eurocentric outlets.
Academy of Finland; Irish Research Council
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Humanities in Context