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O'Halloran, SM,Shipway, PH,Connaire, AD,Leen, SB,Harte, AM
Tribology International
A combined wear-fatigue design methodology for fretting in the pressure armour layer of flexible marine risers
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Fretting wear Fretting crack initiation Fretting life prediction Flexible risers Pressure armour wire FINITE-ELEMENT SIMULATION EXPERIMENTAL VALIDATION MULTIAXIAL FATIGUE PREDICTION LIFE
This paper presents a combined experimental and computational methodology for fretting wear-fatigue prediction of pressure armour wire in flexible marine risers. Fretting wear, friction and fatigue parameters of pressure armour material have been characterised experimentally. A combined fretting wear-fatigue finite element model has been developed using an adaptive meshing technique and the effect of bending-induced tangential slip has been characterised. It has been shown that a surface damage parameter combined with a multiaxial fatigue parameter can accurately predict the beneficial effect of fretting wear on fatigue predictions. This provides a computationally efficient design tool for fretting in the pressure armour layer of flexible marine risers.
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