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Finucane FM, Pittock S, Fallon M, Hatunic M, Ong K, Burns N, Costigan C, Murphy N, Nolan JJ.
Irish Journal Of Medical Science
Elevated blood pressure in overweight and obese Irish children
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Blood Pressure Obesity Irish Children
The Irish childhood obesity epidemic, one of the highest ranking internationally, represents a major threat to public health. We sought to perform a retrospective observational study of a clinic based cohort of obese Irish children. METHODS: Clinical data relating to gender, age, height, weight, body mass index and blood pressure were analysed, from 206 children referred to a paediatric endocrine referral centre over a 15-year period for assessment of obesity. RESULTS: Younger patients tended to have a higher standardised body mass index at initial presentation; 92% of boys and 96% of girls referred were obese (age-related BMI >/= 95th percentile). Boys (51%) and girls (49%) had initial blood pressure measurements in the hypertensive range. There was a correlation between the degree of obesity and systolic blood pressure, particularly in boys. CONCLUSIONS: Obese Irish children present with significant long-term health risks, including hypertension at baseline.
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