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Marie Mahon, Maura Farrell
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Shannon Arts Development Project, County Clare, has been underway since early 2016. It is being funded through the Irish Governmentís Rural Economic Development Zones Research Programme (REDZ). The projectís development area, Shannon Town and its rural hinterland, has a population of approximately 10,000 persons. The projectís aim is to develop community capacity through culture and the arts, as well as enhance opportunities for the creative sector to act as an economic driver in the locality. The project a) targets locally-based creative and cultural workers to deliver training programmes which are b) provided to local enterprises that include traditional enterprise owners as well as those involving the creative/cultural sector. To date, training has been provided by cultural workers and artists to approximately 30 enterprises in areas such as community capacity-building, entrepreneurship in the arts and creative sectors, community arts facilitation, and community heritage auditing. A second aim of the project has been to develop a multi-functional civic, community and arts centre for Shannon. Shannon is home to over 30 creative, civic and community groups currently operating in a highly fragmented way across a range of (often unsuitable) venues. More significantly, the lack of a central venue has meant that the creative energy and initiative that emerges from such groups is not being synergized in ways that would deliver greater momentum and innovative capacities in a local development sense. This has also started to see a resolution, where an empty unit in the local shopping centre has been provided free of charge and is being fitted out by a local artist who specializes in working with recycled materials.
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