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Gill, S.K., Folan, P., Cormican, K.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Knowledge Management and Information Sharing
A framework to support knowledge transfer in the service sector
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Knowledge Transfer Knowledge Process Service Sector
Valencia, Spain
This paper introduces a framework for analysing and supporting knowledge transfer in healthcare services. It argues that the individual is at the centre of the transfer process and, as such, needs to be catered-to within both teams and organisations. Within the healthcare sector, safety is critical, and the effective and efficient transfer of knowledge between healthcare professionals and patients can help to reduce the risks in the system. Furthermore, the authors hope that a clear understanding and accurate identification of the factors that impact the knowledge transfer process for individuals can have an impact on the knowledge transfer process in teams and organisations. The development of a suitable approach to support knowledge transfer for improved transfer of knowledge among these groups in the healthcare services is achieved using technology where appropriate, through the knowledge transfer framework which is presented.
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy