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Corcoran, P,Bigioi, P,Thavalengal, S,
Feasibility and Design Considerations for an Iris Acquisition System for Smartphones
2014 IEEE Fourth International Conference on Consumer Electronics Berlin (ICCE-Berlin)
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iris biometrics iris quality smartphone consumer biometrics
Iris biometrics has the potential to provide the security required by next generation smartphones. This paper deals with the feasibility of an iris acquisition system for smartphones and similar hand held devices. When it comes to smartphones, a number of image acquisition challenges tend to surface. This paper discusses some of these challenges along with a brief description of acquisition system wavelength, iris image size and iris image spatial resolution and various other image quality parameters which affect iris recognition performance such as usable iris area, iris-pupil and iris-sclera contrast, image sharpness, gaze angle, SNR etc. Some preliminary results and design ideas for practical iris image acquisition are also presented.
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