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'First Citizens Speak', film by Dr Deirdre O'Mahony
The Tender Overlap (Anne Byrne); Intergenerational contact
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First Citizens Speak
'The tender overlap' is a short account that accompanies the film DVD
Dr Deirdre O’Mahony was commissioned by Bealtaine and VOLTage to develop ‘First Citizens Speak’, in response to Bealtaine’s 2016 theme. The project focuses on older members of a community in North Clare – the memories, values and behaviours they hold dear- that are and were, important in achieving a strong sense of contentedness within that community. The project involves GP, Dr Fergus Glynn (based in North Clare) as interlocutor, anthropologist Dr. Anne Byrne (NUIG) and local members of the North Clare communities as interviewers and mediators.
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Humanities in Context