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Thiebaut, E,Denis, L,Mugnier, LM,Ferrari, A,Mary, D,Langlois, M,Cantalloube, F,Devaney, N,Marchetti, E,Close, LM,Veran, JP
Proc. SPIE 9909
Fast and robust exo-planet detection in multi-spectral and multi-temporal data
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Exo-planet detection multi-variate data processing EXOPLANET DETECTION
Exo-planet detection is a signal processing problem that can be addressed by several detection approaches. This paper provides a review of methods from detection theory that can be applied to detect exo-planets in coronographic images such as those provided by SPHERE and GPI. In a first part, we recall the basics of signal detection and describe how to derive a fast and robust detection criterion based on a heavy tail model that can account for outliers in the residuals. In a second part, we derive detectors that handle jointly several wavelengths and exposures and focus on an approach that prevents from interpolating the data, thereby preserving the statistics of the original data.
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