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Harte, AM; Jockwer, R; Stepinac, M; Descamps, T; Rajcic, V; Dietsch, P
3rd International Conference on Structural Health Assessment of Timber Structures SHATiS15
Reinforcement of timber structures - the route to standardisation
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Timber structures; Reinforcement; Standards; Self-tapping screws; Glued-in rods; Carpentry joints
Jasienko, J; Nowak, T
Wroclaw, Poland
The reinforcement of new and existing timber structures has been the subject of considerable research and development in recent years. New materials and methods for reinforcement have been developed and used in practise. However, there is currently a lack of harmonised European standards governing this field. In this paper, the current 3-step pyramid applied in international standardisation for the construction sector is described. The pyramid is based on design, product and test standards. Two widely used reinforcement materials, namely self-tapping screws and glued-in rods, are discussed with reference to this framework. Existing standards are described, and the additional standards that need to be developed and implemented to complete the pyramid are discussed. In addition, the development of design rules for the reinforcement of carpentry joints and research needs in the area are reviewed.
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COST Action FP1101
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